Reports detail rape allegations against ex

Three LAPD reports obtained by The Times provide new details about the statements women gave to police that resulted in criminal charges against Sharper.

Leonard Levine, one of cheap bills jerseys Sharper’s attorneys in Los Angeles, said Thursday evening that “much of the information in those reports will be contradicted by other evidence and the truth of the statements has yet to be tested in court.”

The first report describes an Oct. 30, 2013, incident at a Century City hotel. A woman told LAPD detectives she was introduced to Sharper earlier in the night through a mutual friend.

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The woman later told police that a friend was at the hotel at the wholesale bengals jerseys time. The friend also took a drink from Sharper and blacked out, waking up in the hotel room’s living room, according to the police report.

According to the report, the friend knocked on Sharper’s bedroom door, prompting him to call out “Hold on!” The woman who was in the bedroom told police he got off her, which is when she was able to get dressed and leave. She told police that she and her friend hailed a cab outside the hotel.

“Later, the [suspect] texted the [victim] to see if she got home safely,” the report said.

The two other reports detail an alleged incident that occurred on Jan. 15, 2014, when two women told police they met Sharper at a nightclub.

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The women told detectives that Sharper gave them a ride to an after party at a Hollywood Hills home, after which he invited them to another party. But first, he told them, he “had to go to his hotel room and pick something up,” according to the report.

When the three arrived at Sharper’s hotel room, the women told police that Sharper made them vodka and cranberry shots, which he had mixed while they were in the bathroom. The women told police they initially declined, “but Sharper kept asking them to take the shots.”

“The shots didn’t taste like normal vodka shots,” the women told police.

The women told detectives they blacked out within 10 minutes of drinking and woke up the next morning on a pull out bed in the living room. One of the women said she felt pain in her vagina; the other “couldn’t remember anything.”

The women took a taxi and left the hotel without seeing Sharper, according to the report.

Later that day, the women “decided to get tested because they believe they had been sexually assaulted.” Detectives met them at the Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center. The report does not detail the outcome of the tests.

While behind bars, Sharper was indicted by grand juries in Arizona and Louisiana on various sexual assault and drug charges. The Louisiana charges included aggravated rape, which carries a potential life prison sentence. He also faces federal drug wholesale dolphins jerseys charges in Louisiana.

Sharper’s preliminary hearing on the Los Angeles charges is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Sharper, a five time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl winner with the New Orleans Saints who retired in 2011, went on to work as an analyst for the NFL Network until his arrest in Los Angeles.

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